Be Yourself. No One Can Say You’re Doing It Wrong. – But You Know They Will Have An Opinion!


One thousand.  1000.  This weekend I surpassed 1000 followers which I find a little weird.  I haven’t posted a lot in the last 6 months, but people still find me and still comment.  I originally put this blog together for me to sort through all the things bouncing around my head and to try and make sense of it all.  I put it together as a place where I can be me without worrying about who I am writing to or who I might offend.   It was very helpful for this purpose and it brought clarity to the things I was trying to figure out.  People commented and made me think about things differently or would just offer support which was also very helpful.

Unfortunately, as things in my relationship progressed I was no longer able to get what I needed from the blog so I stopped blogging.  It was causing more problems than it was solving so I moved away from trying to figure things out and just took it all in, kept it in, and buried it.  Sure it is not the best coping mechanism, but it gets me through each day.  Lately, I have had somethings happen that have made me rethink this approach.  I may need the writing.  I have been able to think things through with a little help and writing things makes a difference for me.  It may not be the best thing for what is going on in my life, but I know it helps me process.  Over the last few days I have rethought a few things.

I originally thought I had an affair in a misguided attempt to save my marriage.  I am amazed how much I could convince myself that things I was doing during the affair might actually be helpful.   I am sure most people would think I am an idiot (myself included) but hindsight is not real helpful in the present.

Instead, I now think  I had an affair in a misguided attempt to save myself.  It was a completely selfish move.  I was lonely, depressed, and did not know how to communicate.  I am still some of those things, most of those thing, but I can at least recognize them for what they are now.  They are my problems.  They are issues born from years and years of neglect and abuse.  Whether the neglect and abuse came from my childhood or was self-inflicted doesn’t really matter. These problems affect my marriage more than I like to think they do and while she has her own set of problems, me having an affair did nothing to help any of those things.  In fact, for the most part it made everything worse.  I became more depressed, lonely and my marriage definitely did not get any better.  The only thing I got out of it was another look at how truly pathetic I can be at times.

I still wonder how I was able to convince myself the affair was a good idea.  I wonder how I ever thought it might help.  I think it is because when you think of an affair, you think of it as a big grand event that can be stopped by making the right decision.  It is a clandestine meeting in a smokey motel room or a weekend away that your spouse thinks is a work trip.  Those things may be part of an affair, but it is not the make up of the affair and how one gets themselves into that position.  Once you are to that point there is no going back.  There is not a moment of clarity that spouses of cheaters hope we have right before we go into the room or get in the car.  At this point we are so full of self-delusion that it takes major events to wake us partially up and still it takes a lot more to get us all the way out.

I think this is the biggest misconception there is about an affair.  People who look at our situation often think that one day we woke up and decided to go cheat on our spouses.  We had some time to deliberate what it is we were going to do and how we were going to do it.  Now I am sure that there are people who do it that way, but that is not my experience and the more I read about other people going through similar situations, the fewer people I think wake up one day and decide to cheat.

An affair is a series of small choices that when looking back equate to a grand spectacle.  These small choices lead to the weekend trips or motel room visits.  The amount of self-deception it took for me to get to where I was at the time of my affair still surprises me.  That amount of self-deception took time.  It started with little choices and small steps.  Each carried me a little closer to damning myself.  I can remember some of them and each time thinking that this is harmless or that this can help with what I am going through.  If I just sign-up for this and see if people really find me attractive because I know my wife doesn’t, then I will feel good about myself again and it won’t matter what my wife thinks.  The decision seems almost harmless at first, but one decision leads to another and another.

Now don’t get me wrong, I knew each and every decision was not good.  Otherwise why did I hide it?  I knew each time I made one of those choices it was not what I should have been doing, but each seemed so insignificant by itself, that at the time I thought the benefits outweighed the risks.  Yet, each of those decisions clouded my judgement for future decisions.  Each one made the next decision seem not so bad.  It wasn’t too far from the last one, so what is just a little more.  However, I still made each and everyone of those decisions and ultimately I made the decision to go all the way.

This is what is also so scary about affairs.  They are a series of small decisions that can set you so far into a fog of hurt that you will do anything to make it stop.  Even if it only stops for a few moments.  You are hurting from choices you are hiding and cannot share.  These secrets push you away from the person you need to feel the comfort from and so when the opportunity comes along from somewhere else, it is easy to take that momentary relief from the pain.  You use it as a medicine against the poisoning you are slowly doing to yourself.

I have heard many times that if my relationship was doing better then I would never had strayed.  So this means the affair was not all my fault.  She should shoulder some of the blame.  I had this thought almost exclusively while I was still in the midst of the affair.  I convinced myself I was pushed to the affair.  I was ignored and denied affection.  She told me at times to go find someone else.  Our sex life was nothing like what I wanted and full of guilt.  She had the ability to change things and she was choosing not to, so how could this be all my fault.  As I said, I had this thought almost exclusively while I was still seeing the OW.

I know that the affair is and always was 100% my fault.  The affair was my choice.  It was a series of choices I made and hid from my wife.  I could have handled things 1000 other ways and I chose the most selfish and hurtful way.  Our relationship had problems, it still has problems but instead of working with her to fix them or just leaving, I chose the affair.  She never had a choice in any of those decisions.  She never had a say in all the little decisions that amounted to the affair.  I made them all on my own and so the affair is 100% my fault.

Sure the relationship problems we both share responsibility for but not the affair, not ever.  We have both recognized that we both have issues and so does our relationship.  We are communicating more, but still not enough.  I know a big part of that relies on me being able to share but it is really difficult.  We are going to counseling together and trying to get past a lot of our issues but unfortunately it seems like my “issues” constantly get in the way.  Or at least that is the way I perceive our sessions.

As I have been holding issues in and hiding myself things have not been getting anywhere.  I think I am getting to the point where I don’t care.  I just don’t care anymore.  I know I don’t care for myself, but I am also losing my ability to be empathetic.  If I stop caring then maybe I won’t hold back so much.  I can just be the jerk most people assume I am already.  If I stop worrying about hurting her and just say it then at least it is out there.  I think I am getting to the point where I just have to be me and I have to stop worrying about everyone else.  I don’t mean this in a selfish way.  I mean I just need to be me and if she likes me great, if not at least I stop dragging everything out.  We can begin to make decisions knowing where each of us stands.  I can just be myself – not that I really even know who that is but maybe I can find out.


Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong. – Charlie Brown



About bac4sccr

I am just a run of the mill, ever day father/husband who is just trying to navigate my way back to where I want to be. Unfortunately there isn't an "Easy" button or a "Reset" button or I would be hitting them repeatedly. This is just my journey from my perspective.
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20 Responses to Be Yourself. No One Can Say You’re Doing It Wrong. – But You Know They Will Have An Opinion!

  1. ifonlymommy says:

    This is interesting for sure. I am the betrayed spouse so I am happy the read that you understand that the affair was 100% your fault. Your relationship problems were shared. Have you ever been to therapy just for yourself and your wife the same. I think sometimes you have to work on liking yourself and coming to terms with your own actions, needs to be resolved before healing he marriage. You know, like yourself again or for the first time, and the you can be opened to have the type of marriage you desire.
    My marriage ended. My husband went in the opposite direction. I’ve always thought he was punishing himself and being mean to me was easier than facing what he did wrong. We worked on our marriage briefly but he was angrier than I was and I was the one betrayed. Sure our marriage needed work before. He felt unloved and I was in a daze, tending to two dying parents with a 2 year old and an infant basically alone. He didn’t like the person I was anymore but neither did I. However, it was temporary and he should’ve help me and supported me instead of finding affection elsewhere. I think people are too self involved. To selfish at times. Maybe you realized you were and now you’re dealing with it and trying to do it the right way.
    Good luck to you and don’t give up if loving your wife is important to you. Women are forgiving if they feel like their husbands are truest remorseful and for as long as it takes.

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    • bac4sccr says:

      I have been to counseling for myself twice. The first was helpful enough to keep me alive and work through my thoughts of the affair a little. It got me to a point where I thought I was okay enough.
      The second not so much. I shouldn’t have wasted my time because I was never going to open up.

      Thanks for you good words and I hope you are through your tough times. I know going through everything is hard and being a single mom can only make it that much harder.

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  2. KC says:

    I think i tend to be very blunt, I don’t always mince my words which maybe I should sometimes, however I know if I keep things in in order not to hurt someone I’m only doing more damage as whatever wants out just festers and becomes toxic. I don’t find it selfish that you want to say what you are keeping inside. The truth may hurt but it is liberating at the same time…with the truth there is nothing hidden or secret, therefore the issues can be seen, acknowledged and handled. It does’t mean you don’t care, it means you care enough to be honest and straightforward. You have to start with being honest with yourself regarding your thoughts and feelings, then it will be easier to share with your wife and move forward.

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    • bac4sccr says:

      I agree but in order for me to do it I have to be numb. It is how I feel right now, indifferent to everything but set with throwing out the trash in my head.
      I don’t know if this makes any sense but I can’t have an emotional conversation and get anything out of it.


  3. I’m curious about your choice of words when talk about saving yourself, a misguided attempt. Did you mean there was another way to wake yourself up or that you feel saving yourself is an unworthy exercise? This was difficult to read. I’m all for taking responsibility, but your avowals of guilt and shouldering of all the blame seem a convenient way of controlling the situation and how your wife feels or reacts about it.

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    • bac4sccr says:

      Was there another way to save myself? Sure, but I don’t think it was on the table at the time because I did not recognize how bad things really were. When they are bad for so long it becomes the status quo. I think that is why affairs happen in small steps. As things stay bad in your relationship you slowly move on your own the other way. Some who are better adjusted probably recognize the problems and get help or move on. I went another way that was not nearly as good.

      Now did I and do I feel like I am worth saving? Today, that’s a no. I feel like I deserve a lot of these things. Did I before? Not consciously. I would have thought I was perfectly okay, just unloved and unwanted.

      What made this difficult to read?

      As for the control – I really never looked at it that way. That I could possibly be using the guilt and shame to control her reactions. That will take some serious thinking…

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  4. I think the difficulty for me is the light you shine on thought processes. I don’t like to think I was ever so broken, so careless of myself. I hate reading how much you care about everyone’s feelings except yours. Isn’t that how you got into this mess?

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  5. bac4sccr says:

    It is how I got into the mess which is why I am trying to understand what I want. Distance myself from feeling in order to try and make people understand. It sounds all backwards and probably isn’t very good but it is the best way I can deal at the moment.

    I am hoping it is a little good because I am finally saying what I want.

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  6. nekkieslife says:

    there are times we know a lot … there are times we know nothing … life is lifetime learning… I wish you the best ! always follow your heart … cheers …

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  7. How is your wife doing? SW

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    • bac4sccr says:

      My wife is doing good. She has her good days and bad days, but more good than bad.

      She is still frightened that she is not what I truly want and after hurting her in the way I did that I will not leave her even if it is the best thing for me.

      We have our issues that constantly feed into it but I am working to dispel those fears.

      As sad as this sounds, I think she has taken this much better than I did. Don’t get me wrong, it shattered her world, but she has been able to move forward much faster than I have been able to do.

      Which leads me to the same fear she has, that I am not really what she wants or needs. I constantly have this fear.

      I guess that makes it our problem, neither of us thinks we are what the other person wants.

      All in all, she is doing good. We have passed D-Day 1 without much notice (at least on her side) and survived repeat trips that were huge reminders of the past. She has been strong and is just amazing. And I am the luckiest guy.

      Congratulations on your new job! I saw that and I thought I really wish my wife would do that. I would not feel fear, but relief knowing that she now has nothing holding her in the marriage except her wanting to be here. So congratulations!

      How are things on your end? Getting better?

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  8. None of us are perfect and if you had an affair then so be it it’s between you and your wife and how you to get through it . No one has a right to judge but they do . I’m happy you can talk write about it then keeping it inside .. nothing is good when you keep the bad inside. I have my blog for this purpose to get things out… rant .. it helps yes may bore a lot but I do this because it’s an out let and not for ears if the people around me . I think I hold back with what I would like to write . I praise you for your openness .

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  9. YES – you take 100% responsibility for the affair but say the relationship issues were both your fault. I wish my husband would stick to that. When we argue and the affair comes up, he will then bring up the problems in our marriage. Yes, we were both to blame for our relationship problems, but I refuse to take responsibility for his affair. Most of the time he agrees, but those few times where he tries to make it my fault makes me crazy…

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    • bac4sccr says:

      It could never be your fault. It was a choice for him that you never got a say in. He may feel that he was driven that way but he still had to make the choice to do it. He could have made another choice which was to end the marriage.

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  10. dharkanein says:

    Hey man hats off to you! I mean if my hubby could be so brave…its still ongoing though he …oh I don’t want to talk but…loved reading your blog…Sometimes it feels I am at fault as he keeps changing his reason behind it…and places blame on me though once in a while…but…aah. ..its so painful even to think of this…its have sympathy for your wife and we’ll wishes for you…hope you both come to 50% of the relationship you were before it all happened.

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